Corporate Band for your event

Do you have an upcoming event for your organisation and are looking for a corporate band to hire? Koda Music offers all-inclusive corporate band packages for a range of styles and contexts.

Whether you want light jazz or classical while entertaining important clients, or a rock band to kick off an end of year party or celebration, Koda Music have the variety and flexibility to put together a corporate band that matches your vision.

Our Musicians

Across all of our options, from strings, to jazz and rock, our musicians are all highly trained from Australia’s most credible musical institutions, and are professional performers. We select each and every one of our musicians, not just for their technical ability, but for their professionalism and ability to perform appropriate to the context.

Whether you are wanting a corporate band to rip a guitar solo at the end of a speech, or a light classical ensemble to play while you and your clients sip pinot noir, our musicians have the experience to create a corporate band that will keep your guests talking.

Need a little taste? Click below and listen to our songs.
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Create a Playlist

When creating a playlist for your event, you can have as little or as much input as you would like. Typically the process can go one of two ways:

  • Select songs from our repertoire, even make some specific requests (within reason)
  • Inform our team as to the style, time, attendance and genre of the event and we can select an appropriate song list for you that has proven successful in the past.
Organise a corporate band for your event today!